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2014 ASAT
Conference and Events
Sam Houston State University,
Huntsville, Texas

Friday, November 14
Morning events

The banner went up at the crack of dawn (well, ok, 7:30am) announcing the conference’s scholarly beginning. And breakfast!

Angela Shackelford (left) developed content for the program brochure, and Amanda Beller did the creative cover. They are enrollees in Carroll Ferguson Nardone’s Document Design course.

Dean Abbey Zink gave another warm welcome.

Brandyn Humphries stood ready all day to help with any technological issue.

Ron Rozelle (left), June and Richard Zaner

Jane Hawley, Sarah George

Will (left) and Mimosa Stephenson, Kim Davis

Sue Whatley, Molly Porter

Donn Trotter (left), Andrew Williams, Amanda Beller

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Chenelle John handled the ASAT Bookshow (free copies!)