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2017 ASAT
Conference and Events
Sam Houston State University,
Huntsville, Texas

Friday afternoon, November 10

The afternoon period began with a well-flavored and satisfying lunch, followed by greetings from SHSU College of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean, Abbey Zink. The keynote presentation was by Robert Craig Bunch. He has an extensive background in both library and museum studies. His presentation included pages from his book, The Art of Found Objects: Interviews with Texas Artists (2016,Texas A&M University Press, pb edition 2017), winner of the 2016 Worldwide Books Award for Publications, sponsored by the Art Libraries Society of North America.

Abbey Zink

Robert Craig Bunch

Session A4:
Literary Travels Through Texas

Cassy Burleson

Greg Giddings

Michael Given

Session B4:
Moving Texas Tributes

Sarah Cortez

Kim Davis

Tiffany Tuley-Grassmuck

Session C4:
A Journey to Hallowed Ground:
Lessons from the SHSU Civil War Road Course

Brian Matthew Jordan

Kourtney Johnson

William Bailey

Jeremiah Dancy

Session A5:
Personal and Media Depictions of War and Disease

Joseph Kirkland

Charles D. Jones

James P. Nelson

Session B5:
Seeking to Understand Character

Robert Donahoo

Alicia Ward

Todd Giles

Special Presentation:
Syncretism Along the Corridor: Texas Zydeco

Rubén Durán

Roger Wood

A lively film by Rubén Durán was shown Friday night, based on the 2006 book by Roger Wood and James Fraher on the popular and danceable music of Texas Zydeco. The “corridor” refers to the Gulf Coast areas in and around the cities of Houston and Beaumont that have nurtured the sound, giving it a more blues-based Texas accent as compared to some traditional creole forms found in Louisiana.

See the video at:

Saturday session and business meeting is next, here